About Us

Your hosts Peter and Janine- Originally from the North Island of New Zealand, we moved to Nelson 20 years ago after falling in love with the region while on holiday. We have two adult sons, Matthew and Daniel, who also live in Nelson. Janine has enjoyed a long career as a management executive and Peter has a huge range of experience including construction, trades, retail and self employment. We've both travelled extensively.

We decided on a change in direction and when Ambleside came up for sale we knew it was for us. Robyn and Kees the previous owners, had built a Bed and Breakfast that was charming and entirely focused on a positive guest experience. We are committed to continuing that high standard of service. We love being able to represent Nelson and New Zealand to domestic and international visitors, we want to provide a warm and welcoming environment and introduce our fabulous region and all that it offers to our guests.

We are passionate about the beautiful beaches and national parks in Nelson and Tasman and can offer advice about the many vineyards in the area and the creative industry that is world renowned. We enjoy camping, whitebaiting (small fish delicacy) and stand-up paddle boarding. Peter is a mad keen surfer.

We live at Ambleside with our little West Highland Terrier- Billie who loves the attention of guests but will not impose on them.

Our Five-Star Service Includes

On arrival you will settle in with a cuppa and some yummy baking, (mostly gluten-free), then choose from the extensive breakfast menu - continental, cooked Kiwi-style, or scrumptious gourmet and decide the time you wish to dine in the morning.

Filtered water and hot beverages are available and it is our pleasure to offer a daily complimentary glass of local wine or beer to our guests.

Ask us to help you plan your itinerary, recommend restaurants, walks, cycle-ways, galleries and the must-do and see sights. As we are agents for the Abel Tasman National Park operators, we are also able to book your trip into the park. The Abel Tasman Park operators will pick you up from our door to transport you to their boat and then into the Park www.abeltasmanseashuttles.co.nz

There is a spirit of gracious hospitality at Ambleside and guests are assured of a warm and friendly welcome. Nothing is too much trouble for our guests!

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Here at Ambleside, we are proud of our efforts and achievements to establish an environmental policy to reflect the current global sustainability ethic. We are doing our best to protect and look after the environment and surroundings in which we live and trust that whilst you are here, you will also help us to achieve our goals to not only provide a safe and beautiful place for you to enjoy but also an environment that will provide a lasting legacy for your children and grandchildren and beyond.

To this end we have put some practices in place, to go some way in helping to provide a clean, green and sustainable healthier environment, at the same time endeavouring to not compromise our standards to provide you with a quality accommodation experience.

Jenkins Stream

After a severe flooding situation in 1982, the walls of the stream at the rear of our property were built ​to create a safe causeway for stormwater as run-off from the surrounding hillsides throughout a large area of Nelson.  In order for it to be retained, the Council took land from the adjoining properties resulting in the area of stream between our boundaries to be our private property.  It has created a unique environment - i.e. a large open stream area that is owned by the individual residents.  It is mostly a serene and attractive area, abundant with New Zealand wild-life. 
Unfortunately due to the nature of the large body of water that does naturally occur after a rainstorm, it has  proven a difficult and often frustrating exercise to plant and beautify the stream.  We are endeavouring to build up the banks, by depositing all our garden waste against the sides of the walls, thereby deepening the creek-bed.  Plants that have out-grown our garden or proved unsuitable are never thrown out, but are relocated to the stream, where they are thriving.  Weirs have created an ambience with the sound of water flowing in our backyard, and little waterfalls providing natural dams to retain the water and regulate its flow.
Mallard ducks have made it their home and have over the years begun nesting and raising their young with our help to nurture and protect them.  As well as the ducks, we occasionally see herons, paradise ducks and pukekos!  Leftovers from breakfast are carefully sorted, bread and toast is fed to the ducks along with purchased wheat.  Tame eels just along the stream a little, can be hand-fed with the left over bacon, sausages, eggs and meat scraps minced up.  Kaura - freshwater crayfish, little brown lizards - native skinks and geckos can also very occasionally be seen scuttling about in the rocks and grass, and even the occasional cormorant likes to hunt for fish.
The stream is an on-going project, as we are constantly looking for ways to protect and beautify it whilst at the same time understanding its very unique purpose - that is to protect and save all of the adjoining properties from floods.

Jenkins Stream
Baby ducks in Jenkins Stream
Ambleside Tame Eels